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Dateline New Mexico is an audio-driven radio news program produced by veteran New Mexico radio newsman Tom Trowbridge. Dateline New Mexico airs daily on fine radio stations throughout the Land of Enchantment. You may contact Tom Trowbridge here: 505-903-9977 Twitter: @DatelineNewMex1
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Apr 30, 2016

There's an apparent struggle within the New Mexico Republican Party between two prominent party rivals competing for one of the state's two Republican National Committee posts in advance of July's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Tom Trowbridge speaks with Albuquerque Journal Capitol Bureau Chief Dan Boyd--who broke the story about the inter-party conflict.

Apr 29, 2016

Earlier this week a small but high-profile group of New Mexico politicos from a variety of perspectives appeared on the nationally-broadcast public affairs program, "Democracy Now" with Amy Goodman.

Tom Trowbridge has the details.

Apr 27, 2016

In Washington, the Senate Republican Majority has held fast in its refusal to proceed with President Barack Obama's selection of Justice Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court.

New Mexico Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich is among his Senate minority colleagues outraged with this stance. Heinrich shared his thoughts on the matter with Tom Trowbridge.

Apr 27, 2016

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque is holding its annual American Indian Week: Pueblo Days celebration.

Tom Trowbridge spoke with Travis Suazo at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center for details on the event.

Apr 26, 2016

While decisions made by the United States Supreme Court and the Court's membership receive--deservedly--much news coverage, that's not the case for the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Tom Trowbridge spoke with New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Daniels about the differing roles played by the two high courts.

Apr 25, 2016

Following-up on Friday's Dateline New Mexico podcast featuring comments from N.M. Republican Party spokesman Tucker Keene on the 2016 Presidential race, today Tom Trowbridge turns to N.M. Democratic Party Executive Director Joe Kabourek for his perspective.

Apr 22, 2016

In today's podcast, Tom Trowbridge shares the perspective of the New Mexico Republican Party through its Communications Director,Tucker Keene, on the 2016 Presidential campaign following Tuesday's New York primary.

Apr 21, 2016

Nearly eight years after flooding from Hurricane Dolly devastated the Village of Ruidoso's bridges and roadways, federal funding is finally on its way to the Village.

In today's broadcast, we hear from Ruidoso Mayor Tom Battin about the positive development.

Apr 20, 2016

New Mexico's Supreme Court has a new Chief Justice: Charles W. Daniels, who was sworn-in last week.

Tom Trowbridge spoke recently with Chief Justice Daniels, and as you'll hear in today's podcast, tells us about the multi-faceted responsibilities that go along with being New Mexico's top judge.

Apr 19, 2016

Following Monday's Dateline New Mexico Podcast featuring Public Service Company of New Mexico spokeswoman Ryan Baca explaining the reasoning behind the utility's proposed rate-hike now before the N.M. Public Regulation Commission, today we turn to one vocal opponent: Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director of the Santa Fe-based New Energy Economy.

Nanasi explains her opposition to both PNM's rate proposal, but also the energy policies behind it.

Apr 18, 2016

New Mexico's largest electric utility--Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM)--is requesting a sizeable rate increase that's currently under consideration by state regulators.

Tom Trowbridge spoke with PNM's Ryan Baca on the reasons behind the proposal.

Apr 15, 2016

The City of Las Vegas (that's New Mexico, NOT Nevada!) has announced a new and boldly-titled marketing campaign seeking to attract visitors, highlighting recreational hot spots and ghosts that allegedly roam the town.

Tom Trowbridge speaks with the City's Event Planner and Film Liaison, Annette Velarde about the effort.

Apr 14, 2016

New Mexico and national immigrant advocates have filed a lawsuit against New Mexico's tax agency over its alleged targeting of immigrants in withholding their state tax refunds.

As Tom Trowbridge reports, Taxation and Revenue Secretary Demesia Padilla is countering the allegations.

Apr 13, 2016

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission is taking public comment on a rate-increase proposal from New Mexico's largest electric utility, Pubic Service Company of New Mexico.

The comment period runs through the remainder of April.

Tom Trowbridge spoke with the PRC's Carlos Padilla about how YOU can weigh-in on the request.

Apr 13, 2016

In 2015, New Mexico's drunken-driving fatalities reached an all-time low. Tom Trowbridge discusses the statistics--and what the New Mexico Department of Transportation's Communications Director Matt Kennicott believes are the factors behind the decline.