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Dateline New Mexico is an audio-driven radio news program produced by veteran New Mexico radio newsman Tom Trowbridge. Dateline New Mexico airs daily on fine radio stations throughout the Land of Enchantment. You may contact Tom Trowbridge here: 505-903-9977 Twitter: @DatelineNewMex1
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Dec 1, 2016

On today's Dateline New Mexico: President-elect Donald Trump's statement via twitter that millions of votes in the election were fraudulently cast isn't playing well with folks on all sides of the political spectrum, including a key Senate Republican.

Tom Trowbridge reports on that and what key New Mexico election officials are saying.

Nov 30, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge reports on an effort to reform New Mexico's "Whistleblower" Protection Act, as public entities including cities, counties and school districts seek to rein-in costs paid-out in lawsuits.

Nov 29, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge reports the New Mexico Judiciary is seeking public comment on a proposed new policy on increased public access to court records.

Nov 28, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge speaks with the newly-elected State Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth of Santa Fe about his taking the post and future challenges awaiting state lawmakers in January.

Nov 25, 2016

In today's Dateline New Mexico, Tom Trowbridge has a round-up of the week's news including the new Medal of Honor Wall at Kirtland Air Force Base and a renewed effort at the Roundhouse to legalize agricultural hemp.

Nov 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge has a roundup of recent news items from the New Mexico Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. as well as from the Roundhouse in Santa Fe

Nov 23, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs' Secretary Veronica Gonzales has told a key legislative budget committee that recent budget cuts to her agency has her concerned about its future.

Tom Trowbridge reports.

Nov 22, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge reports the Political Director of a New Mexico Environmental organization is hoping to resist some of what he fears will be "scary" environmental policies under the incoming Donald Trump administration.

Nov 21, 2016

On Dateline New Mexico, Tom Trowbridge reports on the coming changes in partisan leadership in both chambers of the New Mexico Legislature, focusing today on the State House of Representatives.

Nov 18, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge reports on a unique event at the Santa Fe Art Institute: The SFAI 140, featuring 20 presenters each with a time limit of two-minutes and 20-seconds.

Nov 17, 2016

The State of New Mexico is now in compliance with the federal REAL-ID Act. Legislators this year approved a two-tier driver license system: one license that meets REAL-ID demands, and another license for those who don't desire the REAL-ID option and for immigrants without documentation.

The state Motor Vehicle Division began implementing the new system this week. But as Tom Trowbridge reports, an immigrant-rights group is critical of the process.

Nov 16, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge checks-in with Drug Policy Alliance New Mexico director Emily Kaltenbach who discusses cannabis legalization ballot measures in several states that were decided during last week's elections and what that might mean for similar efforts in New Mexico.

Nov 15, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge speaks with a representative of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association about potential changes in the nation's energy policy under a Donald Trump Presidency.

Nov 14, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge discusses the results of Election 2016 with University of New Mexico Political Science Professor, Dr. Lonna Atkeson.

Nov 10, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Tom Trowbridge has a rundown of some of the top New Mexico results from Election 2016. 

Nov 9, 2016

On the day before Election 2016, Tom Trowbridge had a conversation with Libertarian Presidential candidate and former two-term Republican New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Johnson spoke about his campaign and about his political future.

Nov 8, 2016

It's finally here: Election Day 2016. Tom Trowbridge has a summary of election-related news in the Land of Enchantment.

Nov 7, 2016

New Mexico ranks second-to-last nationally in retaining teachers in schools and in the profession.

Tom Trowbridge speaks with New Mexico Education Secretary Hanna Skandera and American Federation of Teachers President Stephanie Ly about the issue.

Nov 4, 2016

With the Presidential race seemingly tightening and with New Mexico the site of recent visits by both Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, Tom Trowbridge checks in with state Democratic Party Chair Debra Haaland on the New Mexico effort to elect Hillary Clinton President.

Nov 3, 2016

The number of registered voters in New Mexico has climbed to almost 1.29 million in anticipation of Tuesday's general election.

Tom Trowbridge reports the latest figures display the continuation of a nationwide trend here in the Land of Enchantment.

Nov 2, 2016

New Mexico voters are being asked to approve General Obligation Bond C on Election Day.

Tom Trowbridge reports approval of the Bond will foot the bill for higher education improvements statewide without boosting taxes.

Nov 1, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump flew into Albuquerque Sunday night for a rally.

Tom Trowbridge reports.

Oct 31, 2016

Today's Dateline New Mexico: With voting at New Mexico's numerous polling places set one week from tomorrow across the state, the federal Justice Department has announced its efforts to deter election fraud and discrimination at the polls.

Tom Trowbridge reports on the DOJ's New Mexico Election Day program.

Oct 28, 2016

On Tuesday, TV's most-watched historical series, American Experience on PBS will broadcast a chilling Korean War documentary titled, "The Battle of Chosin." The program features Santa Fe journalist, author and historian Hampton Sides.

Tom Trowbridge reports.

Oct 27, 2016

New Mexico officials, led by Attorney General Hector Balderas are building the state's lawsuit against the federal government over damages caused by last summer's Gold King Mine spill in Colorado.

Tom Trowbridge reports.

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